When a business expands and diversifies, its commercial or industrial premises can quickly become inadequate. It might be that you’ve outgrown your current buildings or perhaps you require new types of layouts for manufacturing, storage, logistics and technology. 
Whatever the case may be, LNS Partnership specialises in working with business owners to extend, remodel and reconfigure existing buildings to create entirely new and functional work environments. You also gain the peace of mind that we can provide construction works phasing drawings for your commercial development project, which helps to minimise disruption and maintain effective workflow of your business operation or industrial process. 

Remodelling for energy-efficient offices 

Many of our clients are interested in improving the energy efficiency of their premises through the remodelling of open-plan offices. This involves LNS Partnership creating modern designs for the subdivision of large indoor spaces, leading to smaller rooms that use and retain heat more effectively. 
Office space subdivision requires in-depth knowledge of fire regulations for means of escape in an emergency and the fire resistance of walls and doors, which we can advise on in full and integrate into your energy-efficient office remodelling project. 

Convert your commercial buildings into accommodation  

As home working becomes more popular, many businesses and commercial property owners have found themselves with an excess of space. What used to be bustling offices are now only partially used, which often results in entire floors or annexes no longer being occupied. If you’ve found yourself in the enviable position of having too much space within your commercial properties, we can help you to convert it into flats and apartments. 
Conversion is an extremely lucrative opportunity for commercial property owners. Aside from having the option to either sell or rent out the newly created apartments, you also no longer have to worry about paying for their utilities. This opens up an entirely new revenue stream whilst cutting down your monthly costs, bringing an exceptionally strong return on investment both now and long into the future. 
We work with commercial landlords, building owners and property developers to design, plan and project manage property conversion projects of all shapes and sizes, so make sure to get in touch and find out more. 

Modern and attractive new build homes 

We have vast experience in providing housing scheme development layouts for residential developers. Working with landowners, contractors, investors and property developers across East Yorkshire, our architect and technologist team can support your next new build project. Whether it’s a few flats or multiple homes, we provide unique and individually designed plans to turn your vision into reality. 

We remove key risks for property developers 

We’re passionate about the briefing process and make sure to discuss your ideas in full. This allows us to gain real insight into your objectives, which in turn informs our design process and proposals. The result is detailed plans that perfectly align with your goals and considerably speed up the planning process. 
Rest assured that part of our role is to also carry out feasibility studies, identify any risks, create detailed drawings, work closely with Land Registry and your solicitors, and provide expert solutions to any challenges that may arise. This removes a huge weight from your shoulders and ensures that everything is covered when you progress to the construction phase. 

Book a consultation today 

Whether you want to adapt your home to suit your lifestyle, remodel a commercial property, convert a building for a new purpose or plan a small property development of new build homes or apartments, we’re here to support you. Get in touch through our contact form today and discover how LNS Partnership can help turn your dreams into reality. 
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